This is the last post of this serie. It all started with the CXL Institute Growth Marketing course need for 12 posts. I seized the opportunity to better understand the whole customer journey within a company.

I realized that the various departments in the company are organized in silos and…

CXL Institute´s Growth Marketing course is about general marketing strategy. I still did not find anything that could really help us merge marketing, sales and the operation or project that will deliver the product. There is still this annoying gap.

Having watched the majority of the classes, I really do…

CLX Growth Markwting course is now on Facebook Ads.


Continuing our talk about project management and the client role:

All experienced project managers use well-established project management methodologies such as PMBOK, FEL or PRINCE2, but they can also be organization-specific internal methodologies.

These approaches have different emphases and tend…

CLX Growth Marketing course is now about Data-driven influencer marketing, by Siim Säinas. Very good content.

The courses on Public Relations and Google Ads are quite interesting too.

Anyway, this whole course has lots of information about several diferent growth areas and aspects. Of course you cannot really learn all…

The most interesting class I had this week on CLX Institute´s Growth Marketing course was “Optimizing your marketing stack”, by Dan McGaw. He teaches how to choose and integrate the tools in your martech stack.


We´ve been talking about how we must aim the client in project management, but…

In the Growth Marketing course at the CXL Institute I had a very interesting class on Account Based Marketing. The teacher, Steve Watt, in addition to presenting a excellent content throughout the course, begins with a fantastic story.

He says that as soon as he joined a company when he…

Last week we realized that the customer needs us (the company) to mentor him during his journey.

We found too that as soon as we bought him in, we just disappear.

Like Dungeon Master left the kids or Gandalf left Bilbo and then Frodo (this is recurring revenue!) …

In order to bring the customer into the project management environment we need to look at a broader scenario within the company: we are talking about Portfolio Management.

The portfolio is the set of projects, programs, subsidiary portfolios and operations managed as a group to achieve strategic objectives. These various…

So I started researching about the customer as the key stakeholder in Project Management and (guess what) couldn’t find anything.

I´m not surprised anymore.

Even in PMBOK, the most important guide on the subject, doesn´t even mention “customer” in its stakeholders management section.

That´s it. We develop all these projects…

Thiago Marquini Machado

My purpose is to establish a powerful dynamic of generating experiences, relationships and growth for me and for everyone.

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